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5 Excellent Tips for Girl Gamers
Here are five awesome tips to keep you on point!

Tough Girl

  1. Don't underestimate yourself. Be confident. People who are watching when you are playing may offer you tips or cheer you on. Don’t always think that everyone who watches a girl play is rooting for you to lose.
  2. Join a "Clan." A clan is basically a group of people who play together. With a clan, you can learn about teamwork and different aspects of gaming. This makes for good networking time.
  3. Learn as much about the game as possible. It’s always good to go into single player modes and practice. Learn about their maps, layouts and what to do. This way, when you are playing, you don’t get lost or lose time wondering what on earth to do.
  4. Don't offer your gender unless asked. You automatically make yourself a target by admitting your gender. On another note, offering your gender seems a bit too obvious that you are just looking for attention.
  5. Don't let bad experiences discourage you. Not many people have accepted the fact that females are entering the gaming scene now more than ever. Maybe it’s a fear of change, who knows? But you have to have fun with it. Owning a person or two who makes these comments usually shuts them up real fast.









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See, Women Do Play Games

According to Don Reisinger, a writer at Cnet, women represent a whopping 40 percent of all gamers. The International Game Developers Association even found that the average female gamer plays games 7.4 hours per week. We have to admit that a majority of games are designed with men in mind. But just because commercials almost always show men and men only playing video games doesn’t mean that there aren’t any women out there that really do play games and have a real interest. So why is it so hard to accept that women play video games? Just like how the media feels men shouldn’t be nurses or women shouldn’t be fire-fighters, stereotypes may be ruling this male-infested industry. So the next time you find yourself playing against a woman in Halo 3, don’t fret too much if she comes up on top.

Women Buying More
Smart Phones

According to an article in Information week, a Nielson Mobile reported released that the number of women using smartphones, once dominated by tech-obsessed men, is growing at a faster pace than men. In the last year, the number of women using smartphones nearly doubled to 10.4 million. One major reason for this was last year’s release of the iPhone with almost one out of every three iPhones being owned by women. Along with the iPhone are other smartphones such as the BlackBerry Curve and the Palm Centro which also do well with women.

Do Women Write Better Codes?

Woman on Computer

According to the senior vice-president of engineering for computer-database company Ingres, they do! He insists that men and women write codes differently. The Slashdot article says that women are more touchy-feely and considerate of those who will use the code later. Women will explain why they wrote lines the way they did and exactly how they did it. Men, on the other hand, often try to show how cool and clever they are by writing very cryptic codes and don’t leave any clear directions for people using it later. Here is where women get one up!

Why Do Women Quit Technology Careers?

Business WomanIn order to survive technology, women need to be aware of why others don’t so women can be prepared. According to a June 2008 Computer World article, here are some reasons why some women have left their tech careers:

  • Sexual harassment (According to Computer World, 62% of women in science, engineering, technology have experienced sexual harassment)
  • Isolation because there are so few women in the trade
  • Demeaning and condescending attitudes
  • Inappropriate gender jokes
  • Arrogance
  • Genetically inferior - Colleagues in the tech culture who genuinely think women doesn’t have what it takes

This is an eye opener, but don’t fret too much. Things are changing as seen by the actions and promising initiatives from several companies.

  • Cisco Systems Inc. launched the Executive Talent Insertion Program for lateral recruiting of senior women and multicultural talent.
  • Intel Corp. has created a women’s engineering forum to showcase research and support creativity. | Computer Components | Combo Deals| Affiliate Program | Wiz Bargains | Consumer Electronics | Software | Rebates | About Us

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