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SMC Workstation Server
- H170 MB
- Intel Core Skylake Processors
- DDR4 Memory
Digital media and great for image scanning as a graphics machine. This can also be used as a entry graphics or CAD machine.

- Dual Graphics
- SSD optional
- X99 MB
- Intel Core Haswell-E Processors
- DDR4 Memory
Jump into creative design and get your images flowing with the entry contender using Skylake. Crafted in racing design in mind this workstation will get you motivated as a producer.

- SkyLake
- I7, I5, & I3
From $376.75 From $584 From $798.25 From $1006 
Graphics Workstation CAD pro
The professional 3D graphics or CAD system for busy home professionals. Creativity ends with quick solutions to problem sets worth solving. Engineering and Accounting worth every penny.

- Full Tower
- Good Air Flow
From $3400.5