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4U Server Builder  
4U Chenbro RM42 Big Data SSG
SMC 4U Rack and Tower System
4U Rackmount WIO X10 Server Systems
GPU SuperWorkstation LGA3647
Very few servers where the space inside the 4U is fully maximized for open space. This can handle up to 7 FLFH cards available to handle all device bays from 5.25 down to 2.5. Achieve full performance with maximum open space.

- Front Loading KeyLock
- Full Length Full Height
Extremely popular office tower for mission critical data processing and storage capable requirements. This compute intensive is cloud suitable and handles virtualization needs.

- 920 Watt
- Dual CPU 2011 V3
SuperServer 7048 series X10 for LGA2011 socket R3 V3 DDR4 4U rackmountable with 8 Hot-Swap bays and Tower optional with 920W to 1000W plus redundant option of Titanium power

- 8x 3.5" and/or 2.5" Hot-Swap drive trays
- 1x or 2x or 4x 10G, 100G, 1000G Base-T
- 1.0TB 16X or up to 1.5TB 24x DIMM slots
SuperMicro's newest GPU server utilizing socket LGA 3647 using SMC Xeon Phi platforms. Using socket P this system frameworks is optimized to bring users the highest graphics with speed and efficiency with improved threading based on MIC architecture.

- Cost Effective
- Dual Socket
From $1110 From $1654 From $2254.75 From $3214 
AIC 4U Storage Server JBOD
4U Rackmount X10 GPU Server Systems
Supermicro AMD 4 way G34 HPC
Increase your Storage Capacity with AIC SSG rackmount 4U JBOD which can handle up to 60x SATA3 drives. This rack is fully optimized to handle maximum loads in a 4U dimension with a single expander module. The internal controllers and expanders comes include with cabling.

- Single Expander Modules
- 1350W 4U
SuperServer X10 for LGA2011 socket R3 DDR4 4U rackmountable with 8 Hot-Swap bays and Tower optional plus 2000W redundant power. Graphic Rendering and Video Transcoding

- XEON PHI optional
- 16x slot DDR4 2133
Supermicro newest 4 way high performance compute bring new life to a multi processor design in dynamic treading. This G34 socket system for AMD can handle up to Quad processor simultaneously all by using only 1620 watts of redundant power in a 4U chassis. Let this be your next HPC cloud compute.

- 24 Drives HDD SAS/SATA
- 1620 Watt Redundant
From $4743 From $6907 From $7470