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Anonymous, 2018-06-07 14:49:43
Anonymous, 2017-11-17 22:18:18
Got my motherboard quickly. The package was extremely well packed.!
Very happy with my purchase
Ralph, 2017-06-07 10:13:36
Really liked the support for where I live (Puerto Rico) great shipping rates, no problems what so ever.
Great Place to Order PC Components
Tarmack, 2017-05-26 21:13:29
Over the last few years, I have made several orders from SuperBiiz and have been very happy with each order - items as described, packed well, and shipped fast. I have ordered directly from the web site and from eBay and great service both ways. I have built hundreds of computers over the years and I really like ordering the motherboards from SuperBiiz. I ordered 10 of the same motherboard and they even shipped them in the manufacturer 10x quantity case box.
Superbiiz is better than Amazon
NORMAN P DUNNAGAN JR, 2017-04-07 07:47:37
I suggest you order your computer parts from this website and forget about Amazon. I RMA'd a board months after I bought it and Superbiiz honored the agreement, very professional. I highly recommend them, their website isn't full of cookies and it's much less intrusive. It is a mixture of practicality and honesty that puts Superbiiz in it's own unique category.

Norman Dunnagan

A pleasure.
Anonymous, 2017-03-16 19:01:56
SuperBiiz, will I do business with them again?
Simple answer summed up in two words... HELL YES!

When one of your competitors left me with egg on my face with a pile broken parts, that they broke at their warehouse parts but shipped anyways I was a bit gun shy. Especially after dealing with their lack of customer service, which left me feeling my money, Time, and continued relationship with them was not worth their time I had to go elsewhere.

My fears were unfounded, even when I called to check my order. I was treated with the utmost respect and with a level of customer service that is seriously lacking in today's ecom world.


Excellect service, prices, and shipping
Robert R, 2017-03-08 15:55:31
I recently had to purchase a new "hot" item - the Samsung 960 PRO NVMe 1TB SSD, right when it was new and first shipping.
I was pleased (and surprised) to find that SuperBiiz not only had this hard-to-get product, but was shipping it for free (and quickly), and for *list price*! At the same time, a good number of other sellers were slapping a premium on top of the retail price.
I received quick, professional, and even friendly personal service from account manager Phuong Bui.
Note that all of this great pricing and service was for a single item for a new customer - but rest assured I will be back again.
Flash, 2017-02-15 06:48:27
I've been a PC tech for 25 years and have been buying from these folks for about 15 years (since they were eWiz). Great selection. Quality products, even if some of them may not be from a major "big name" manufacturer (though they carry most of those folks, too). Very good pricing. Quick processing and shipping. Excellent, friendly, professional customer service (on the rare occasions I need it). Never a problem on the VERY rare occasions that I received a defective or incorrect item (hey, as much stuff as I get, it happens sometimes). Knowledgeable staff, whenever I need some technical clarification about a part. These folks are one of my top suppliers for myself and my business. I truly cannot say enough positive things, and I am quick to speak up, if someone doesn't deliver the service I expect. Forget going to a big box retail store; get your stuff from SuperBiiz!!! I promise I am not an employee or being compensated in any way for this.
Excellent service
Anonymous, 2017-01-19 22:25:13
I needed a pair of Xeon processors for a project; because there was a single-use coupon available, I submitted two separate orders for single CPUs, one using the coupon and one not. Keon Paulino called me to verify that I hadn't accidentally submitted the same order twice! VERY impressed with SuperBiiz's integrity and commitment to customer satisfaction.
SuperBiiz Is GREAT!
Anthony A., 2017-01-06 07:05:22
I received my items on time and really fast! Great customer service, overall great company!
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Exceeded expectations.
I had been wanting to upgrade a media server at home for quite some time and finally reached the means to do so. I was still having to piece it together as funds became available and had only the cas...
-Jon of theHTPC.net
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