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Super Fast, Super Awesome, SuperBiiz.
Paul Nguyen, 2010-04-28 16:41:04
I've purchased from the Super once before, but that was long ago. Ever since then I didn't even think twice to browse their site for the tech stuff I was looking for, and boy was I in the wrong. I used to shop at the usual suspects for my stuff (the Egg, the Fly, the Buy) as well as other online retailers, and their prices are pretty much ridiculous compared to The Super. To top it off, these places offer little to no discounts and their shipping costs are an exercise in wallet-thinning. And now I'm back.

Things that I like about The Super:
1. The discounts along with their rock bottom prices. ex: I bought a Thermalright Venomous-X here for $52.99 w/ the $5 discount while all of the other retailers sell it for an average of $63.99. A no-brainer.

2. The status updates you can get on the shipment of your package; click on your account and BOOM! You see up-to-date details on your package.

3. The LOW cost and speed of shipping. (Fingers to lips kiss, European style) Mwwuah! Beautiful!
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Seagate laptop drive delivery and service
When you used the word super in your name it was no exaggeration! I am more than impressed with the service and amazed at the time between order and actually having the product in hand. You are in Cal...
-Thomas Corcoran
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